Getting Started In Real Estate Investing: Wholesaling Real Estate For Quick Cash

So You:

a. Just read a real estate investing book 
b. Attended your first seminar 
c. Watched a late night infomercial 
d. Listened to a webinar

And You:

a. Were told real estate is the fastest way to make money 
b. Are convinced that you will be able to leave the job that you hate within the next 2 weeks 
c. Thought about or have already paid $20,000 for a coaching program

But You:

a. Don’t know what to do next 
b. Were told by someone that it would never work 
c. Are losing your confidence rapidly

Don’t be embarrassed. Every person that got into real estate that wasn’t hand held by a family member and grew up in the business started out the same way. 90 percent or more of those who have gotten excited about real estate never ended up even trying. Thinking big, attracting money, and being in control of your own destiny sound good, especially when a polished salesperson is the one painting the picture. The reality is: Real Estate is a business and it is hard work. The only people who will tell you otherwise are trying to sell you something(seminar, a coaching program, a book, a subscription). That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are a ton of easy steps that you can take in order to start moving in the right direction without doing anything drastic. And, if you put in the work, the results will come. On this webinar, Tom Cafarella of Ocean City Development, will discuss:

1. Why real estate is the toughest industry to get into 
2. How it can be the best industry to be in once you have momentum 
3. Steps that you can take this week to start your real estate career 
4. The basics of wholesaling

5.  Our training program that allows you inside access to our exact marketing programs that you can use to find deals to wholesale

Tom is a principle of Ocean City Development and is head of acquisitions for the company. Tom has been on the front lines of Ocean City Development’s team, and has helped his team to acquire over 34 properties in the past 6 months including both fix and flip and buy and hold transactions.

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Serving Your Real Estate Niche w/ Joan Skomurski

Joan Skomurski, of Cameron Real Estate Group, joins us tonite to discuss serving a specific real estate niche.  

We will be discussing:


1.  The benefits of choosing a niche

2.  Why she chose her niche

3.  The services that she offers 

4.  and how you can do the same in your business

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Real Estate Insurance: How To Ensure You Are Protected without Overpaying w/ Andrew Nazzaro

When it comes to the topic of insurance, there are a lot of mixed opinions and emotions. When you are paying the premium, you feel like you are throwing your money out the window. When you put in a claim, you are incredibly thankful and oftentimes wish you had more coverage. I always felt like insurance was a complete waste of money, until I put in my first claim: on a two alarm fire on a property we had just finished renovating:

After that fire, I never looked at insurance the same way again. Tonite, we will be joined in studio by Andrew Nazzaro of KW Insurance agency to discuss:

1. How to know if you are fully protected: like I mentioned above, I never thought I would be putting a major claim in on an insurance policy. I can’t even imagine what would have happen if we weren’t fully protected. 2. How to know that you aren’t overprotected with unnecessary and costly coverage: it is just as easy to be overprotected as under protected. You want to make sure you have the right amount of coverage so that you aren’t at risk of loss, but on the flip side you don’t want to overpay for things that aren’t a big risk. 3. Ways to reduce your overall insurance cost without increasing your risk profile

4. Flood Insurance: how to tell if you need it, the cost when you do need it and how needing flood insurance can change the comps on a property

5. Vacant Property Insurance: something that first time flippers don’t always think about. We will be discussing how this is different from a typical insurance policy.

6. Any questions that our in studio guests might have. 

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Blogging For Your Real Estate Business with Judy Graff

Tonite we will be joined by Judy Graff of Judy Graff Real Estate to discuss how she uses blogging in her real estate business.  Specifically:


1.  The reason why she started blogging

2.  The kinds of results you can expect from blogging for your real estate business

3.  How often you need to post

4.  Tips and Tricks for beginners

5.  How to Build Your Audience

6.  Which Platforms to use


And much more….

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Creating & Promoting Social Media Content w/ John Crossman

Social media is a huge buzz word in the real estate business.  Many of us have a general understanding of what it is but many of us don’t have a strategy in place to use it to take our business to the next level.

We will be joined by someone tonite who has done just that: John Crossman, President of Crossman & Company.  John will be discussing:

1.  Why he has made a big push towards marketing through social media platforms in the past few years.

2.  His personal recommendations on what type of content to create

3.  The system that he utilizes to keep his social media accounts up to date(even if he ins’t around to update them)

4.  And how to promote your social media content after you have created it(specifically how he got over 10,000 views on his most recent youtube video post.  

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Internet Lead Generation Systems with Bob McTague

“The Leads Are Weak!” is the famous quote in the real estate movie Glengarry Glen Ross.  This movie was made in 1992, but when I watch the clips and hear this phrase, what I think about is internet leads.  Internet leads web portals such as trulia, zillow, are oftentimes quickly dismissed as “bad leads”.  You’ve hear it before:


1.  The lead is non-responsive

2.  They aren’t seriously interested in buying or selling

3.  They put in the wrong contact information


Yet, with all of these criticisms there are thousands of agents nationwide making a killing from internet leads.  On this podcast, we will be discussing what differentiates those who give up on internet leads and those whose business thrive on them.  

Tonite we will be joined by Bob McTague from Realty USA to discuss the systems that he uses in his business to get the most out of every lead and how you can too.  

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Institute of Real Estate Management w/ David Barrett

We will be joined by guest David Barrett of the Institute of Real Estate Management to discuss the benefits that his Boston Chapter brings to the real estate industry. David has managed condominiums and apartment buildings for over 20 years and we will also be discussing his best practices in relation to property management.


The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is an international community of real estate managers dedicated to ethical business practices, maximizing the value of investment real estate, and promoting superior management through education and information sharing.

An affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS, IREM is the home for all industry professionals connected to real estate management – and the only organization serving both the multi-family and commercial sectors. 
We believe:

That good management matters 
That well-managed properties pay dividends in terms of value and in the quality of life for residents, tenants and customers 
In professional ethics 
In the power of knowledge and the importance of sharing it 
IREM offers a variety of membership types for professionals of every experience level, from on-site managers to high-level executives. Our credentials, earned by meeting high standards of education, experience, and ethical business practices, include

Certified Property Manager (CPM) 
Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) 
Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) 
Accredited Management Organization (AMO)

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Rental Real Estate: Are You Protected w/ Catherine McCarron

I recently had attorney Catherine McCarron speak at one of my networking events and there were so many questions during her Q&A session that we ran out of time(literally).


Here’s your chance to get her live again and get any of you unanswered questions responded to. We will be focusing on protecting yourself as a landlord in Massachusetts from evictions to leases, lead paint and more.


Catherine F. McCarron, Esq., of Jager Smith P.C., Boston, Massachusetts Catherine is an attorney practicing in Massachusetts, Maine and New York and a licensed real estate broker and REALTOR in Massachusetts. Since 1986 she has represented individual and corporate clients in all areas of residential and commercial real estate transactions including sales, leasing and financing.


She will discuss current trends in landlord/tenant law with guidance on leasing and occupancy forms, strategies and recommended protective measures for both new and experienced property owners. 

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Real Estate is Broken – The “Uberization”­ Of Real Estate w/ Linda O’Koniewski

Tonite we will be joined by Linda O’koniewski, the owner and CEO of Re/Max Leading Edge. Linda has been one of the top producing agents my area for as long as I remember and we are honored to have her on tonite to discuss her topic. The topic, The Uberization of Real Estate, is the same topic that Linda presented at Inman Connect this past month in New York City. Specifics that she will speak on are: 


1. What exactly is the uberization of real estate? 
2. How it is changing the real estate industry, and more importantly how you need to adapt to it as a real estate professional 
3. Ways to ensure that you are providing enough value to your client so that you aren’t easily replaceable. 
4. The future technology that will impact real estate and finally 
5. Why this is a good thing for the best real estate entrepreneurs.

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Using Facebook in Your Real Estate Business with Lester Kravitz

On tonite’s podcast, we will be joined by Lester Kravitz from Kravitz Realtors.  Lester will be giving us some tips and tricks on how he has used social media to his advantage in his real estate business and how you can do the same.  

Lester has been in the business for over 30 years and we will also be discussing how marketing to consumers has changed since he first got started in the business.  

Ever wonder why most real estate agent websites(or any websites for that matter) have a Facebook icon in the corner and the little thumb, asking you to “Like” them?

The reason is simple: nowadays everyone is glued to social media 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Social media occupies the brain share that TV commercials occupied 15-20 years ago.  

The best real estate websites(or just websites in general) have multiple streams of social media that allow their target market to connect with them wherever they are whenever they want to.  This allows the user to stay in touch with a real estate professional nearly any time, day or night.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be available at all hours of the day, especially if you use Facebook and other forms of social media correctly. 

Some quick examples of using Facebook to promote your personal brand include:

 – Answering real estate questions from your target audience

 – As part of a real estate marketing plan to get a new listing to stand out from the crowd and create additional buyer  interest

 – For real estate marketing products, such as virtual walkthroughs

 – As a form of real estate lead generation using paid facebook ads

 – And more!

Find out how adding Facebook can help you become one of the top real estate companies and build your network on a daily basis. If you want to have successful real estate career, you need to not only embrace social media, but you need to also put it to good use for you.  

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